Secret Crazy Free promotion page



Nice work … you found the Secret Crazy Free Promotion Page! This is the place to redeem your 50% off coupon for a paperback version of Crazy Free – An Epic Spiritual Journey. 

Here’s how to get your half-priced book:
1. Click on this button here.
It will ask you for $9 (half of $18 – the Amazon Paperback cost).

Buy Now Button

2. Make sure that you enter your shipping address in the Paypal field – this is where your book will be sent.

3. Find a grassy meadow or a shady brook or a fluffy blanket in front of a fireplace, and dive in. Thank you for finding me!

Small print:
This offer is for one book only. If you would like more (who wouldn’t?) or if you would like to use a different method of payment than Paypal, use the “contact the Bobcat” link in the menu above and let’s chat.
This offer is valid for all of May 2017 to celebrate Crazy Free’s 2 year anniversary. It will be deactivated on June 1st, 2017.