Roaming tracks 2015-2016

Oct 2015-Oct 2016: By plane, car, thumb, bus and foot.

roaming15162016 was the year of surprises. I started out snowed in Sedona, but as soon as the snow melted, rushed to San Diego to catch the trail family on the San Diego Trans-County Trail. and it began … Click on the map for a full size view.

YELLOW – Looking for sun – truck and foot
Drove Sedona to San Diego and walked about 100 miles of the SDTCT. Met a Viking and decided to follow him to Cuba, 3 days later.

RED – One way tickets – plane, bus, boat and plane
Miles and I flew into Mexico City, then Cancun, caught a bus to the coast and a ferry boat to Isla Mujeres. From there, we bought one way tickets to Havana for the next day.

BLUE – Cuba – on foot, hitchhike, buses, camions, even a tractor
January to March
We went as far and explored as much as we could, traveling by whatever means we could find, sleeping on sidewalks, in forests, and in casa particulares, until we ran out of money.

PURPLE – I get sea-sick! – Hitchhiked trimaran
Ugh. We caught a boat back to the US. A 36 hr voyage on rough seas.

GREEN – Across the US with thumbs – Hitchhike, on foot, and buses
Once we landed back in the US, we still had to return to my truck in San Diego. Florida proved to be particularly difficult. We might still be there if it weren’t for one generous Canadian trucker. After New Orleans, I was over the whole hitchiking I10, so we got greyhound tickets for the next leg. We returned to the truck 3.5 months after we left. And many pounds skinnier.

PINK – Cruising around with Miles.
When we returned to the truck, we weren’t quite ready to say goodbye yet, so we still traveled together for a few weeks, up to Utah, and to see trail family in California. We finished our journey in Vegas, for one night only, and the Viking flew home.

ORANGE – two jobs in two states – truck
The Grand Canyon guiding season was dwindling when indoor trim season picked up in Colorado, so for a few months, I drove back and forth between gigs, stopping often in Utah on the way to visit my friend Laura.

BLUE – I need to jump in the Saco River – truck
One day, I decided I wanted to jump in the Saco River, so I drove to New Hampshire, with a stop in Kansas City to see the Viking.

PINK DOTS – the AT – on foot.
I started on Kathadin in Maine, well intent on walking to Georgia, but 500 miles later, in Rutland, VT, I landed in the hospital. My hike was cut short, so I returned to New Hampshire. Only a week after returning to the truck, I met Jimmy James, the man from Maine … but that is a story for the next map 😉