Roaming tracks 2014-2015

Oct 2014-Oct 2015: 12,300 miles by road.

roaming14-15Although I did less miles than in prior years, they somehow felt more epic … 2014 was the year of “I have no money, but I’m going anyway”. Click on the map for a full size view.

BLUE – “Going home” – 3,000 miles
North Conway, NH to Sedona, AZ.
When the first snow fell on the truck, I knew it was time to migrate south. I love NH in the winter, but didn’t want to live indoors. I visited Niagara Falls, Mammoth Cave and Cheetah’s home-bus in the NM woods on the way. I bought an Elvis CD in Memphis and listened to it on replay across Texas. I followed the “77 degrees” route on the weather map, and somehow landed back in Sedona – which was not at all my planned destination.

RED – “Need to get on the open road” – 1,500 miles.
To Joshua Tree, CA, for the Ignite festival, and back.
To Jemez Springs, NM, to visit Cheetah, and back.
I enjoyed spending the winter in the Sedona backcountry, back in the same “spot” in the desert I called home a few years prior, but felt restless by Spring. I was working as a guide at Grand Canyon by then, so could indulge in a little traveling.

GREEN – “The west coast book toor” – 6,300 miles.
Sedona, AZ->South Lake Tahoe, CA->Ashland, OR->Kirkland, WA->Leavenworth, WA->Tonasket, WA->Nelson, BC, Canada. End point (turn around)
Nelson->Bellingham, WA->Portland->Black Rock City (Burning Man), NV (turn around) ->Ashland, OR (for some rest)->Portland, OR (to return the bicycle I borrowed for BM). End point (turn around)
Portland, OR->Eugene, OR (Yep Yep farm for a week. Delights!)->Saline Valley Hot Springs (for a week)->red eye back to Sedona, under a blood moon, super-moon, full moon, solar eclipse. Landed in “my spot” at 4 am.
I left Sedona with $40 and a box of Crazy Free books. I had no idea how I was going to afford this road trip but felt I had to go, so I went. I sold enough books in Flagstaff to get to South Lake Tahoe, enough books in South Lake Tahoe to make it to Ashland, etc. It was an incredibly stressful trip, a true experience in trust and faith that all will be well. And all was. I was showered with magic at each step, never lacked for fuel or food, met some amazing people along the way, and returned to Sedona with $80 (doubled my assets!)

BROWN – “yay, work!” – 1,600 miles.
The day I landed in Sedona from my road trip, I got a text from Benny of Earth Tours. He had work for me that day. It started with 4 round-trips to Monument Valley. And it replenished my bank account nicely.