Roaming tracks 2012-2013

Oct 2012-Oct 2013: 15,400 miles by road.


Between October 2012 and 2013, I roamed approximately 15,400 miles by road. I have not accounted for hikes local explorations in between major migrations. Click on the map for a full size view.

RED – Loop 1 “Looking for work” – 1100 miles.
Bellingham WA to Ashland OR and back.

ORANGE – Loop 2 “Moving to Minneapolis … or not” – 4100 miles.
November – December
Bellingham to Livingston  MT, Minneapolis MN, Denver CO and back to Bellingham WA.

YELLOW – Move 3 “I will drive until I find sunshine” – 1700 miles.
South until sun, ended up in Flagstaff, then Sedona, AZ.

GREEN – Loop 4 “Family visit” – 1100 miles.
Visit to trail family in Campo, biologic family in Los Angeles CA, and back home to Sedona AZ.

BLUE – Half loop 5 “The Mountain tour” – 3100 miles.
I craved mountains – Rockies, Tetons, Glacier NP, Banff Canada, back to Bellingham WA via the Cascades. Ends on Baker!

PURPLE – Half loop 6 “Trailwork and Burning Man” – 2500 miles.
Circuitous return to Denver CO. Trailwork in the the Sisters and Jefferson Park, Burning Man NV and back.

PINK (White+Red: start of a new cycle) – Half loop 7 “Back to the start” – 1800 miles.
Return to the Northwest, ready for the next cycle.

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