Roaming timeline

This is a record of the Bobcat’s most recent roaming paths, starting with the most recent year, but in chronological order for each year. This timeline only spans the last two years. I might someday get ambitious and backtrack even further, just for giggles.

January – Packed my truck and moved to Flagstaff, AZ. In progress …

January – Started this blog. Flew to Rishikesh, India, for a month-long Yoga teacher training.
February – Lived an intense yogini life along the banks of the sacred Ganges river.
March – Completed the teacher training, hiked in the Himalayas, returned to Bellingham, finished sewing my PCT backpack, and sorted out the food, maps, gear and logistics for the trail.
April 18th to September 29th – Walked the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican border to the Canadian border.
October Roamed, first down to Portland for a week, where I imagined I might stay, then to Ashland, where I worked on an organic farm for two weeks, then back to Bellingham for Halloween at the Green Frog Acoustic tavern, with a detour to the Breitenbush hot spring resort.
November – Continued roaming, from Bellingham to Livingston, MT, with a stop in Deer Lodge, MT, because I was caught in a blizzard, then to Minneapolis for my friend Jen’s birthday and thanksgiving at LB’s (Last on the Bus). I meant to stay in Minneapolis for a bit, but a week into my stay my ex-cat appeared in Colorado, so I drove to Colorado and stayed there a week.
December – Returned to Bellingham with the intention to stay, but 22 straight days of rain, the lack of available jobs and other factors led me to … see January 2013.

January – Returned from an ice climbing/skiing  trip with Kevin that took us to beautiful waterfalls in Haylite, MT, Cody, WY, Ouray, CO and more. Shortly after my return, packed my truck and moved to Minneapolis with a stop in Livingston, MT, and the Badlands, SD.
February – Worked on my Master’s thesis at the University of MN, in my own office, graciously provided by the Geology department secretary there, even though I was not at all affiliated to the university.
March – Continued working on my master’s in MN and agreed to start a PhD in Vancouver in the fall. Decided to walk the PCT and bought tickets for Burning Man.
Towards the middle of the month, I left MN for Death Valley, CA. On the way, I stopped in CO, visited all the UT State Parks (Kodachrome canyon, coral sand dunes, goblin valley, etc.) and a few National Parks (Escalante, Bryce) on my way, then spent a week roaming Death Valley, sleeping in the dunes illegally every night.
April – Participated in a 4 day fast in the backcountry of Death Valley, and woke up on April 10th in full cognition of the secrets of the Universe. That feeling dissipated, unfortunately, but started the quest to regain what I glimpsed.
I returned to Bellingham with an incredible desert glow and tackled the end of my Master’s thesis.
May – Graduated, yay! Sold my motorcycle so I would have enough money to play all summer.
June – Enjoyed the local climbs, Leavenworth with Priscilla, Eldorado with Mike, etc. Got drafted last minute by another Mike for a Yukon River kayak race. Drove the Al-Can highway to Whitehorse, with stops for some practice paddles in beautiful BC lakes. Finished the Yukon River Quest strong and in style. Explored Dawson’s frontier entertainment scene (drank whiskey with a frostbitten toe in it, saw a show-girl show, twice, etc.) and Tombstone Provincial Park .
July – Continued playing in the Cascades and on Mt. Baker, enjoying Bellingham and its many offerings.
August – Continued playing in and around Bellingham, visited the Olympics peninsula with kevin, flew with famous mountain photographer and pilot John Scurlock, etc.
August – More of the same, then off to Burning Man with Margaret with a detour in Grass valley/Nevada City to see my friend Luke.
September – Moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada, for the start of a PhD in Geophysics, studying geothermal fields in Chile and Peru, but really mostly reading professional papers in an office. Fellowship and scholarship come in right as I neared the end of my play money. Good timing!
October – Ugh.  let’s not talk about October. Rainy Vancouver, endless professional papers. I still found joy exploring BC and going on walks along small lakes, but just because I can make myself happy anywhere doesn’t mean I have to stay there. Quit the PhD.
November – Looked for work in Bellingham, finished the semester in Vancouver, crossed the border a lot!
December – Didn’t find a job, in part because I was honest with employers about my imminent PCT departure. Moved back into the Toledo house in Bellingham and traded honey-do style work for rent. Obsessed about the PCT.

To come, when I have time.



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