PCT Plan

===> PCT Plan

This links to a Google Doc spreadsheet, the tentative schedule for my walk.

I couldn’t get Google Docs to save the links to addresses. If you want to mail me something do this:
–> In the PCT plan Google Doc spreadsheet, click on ‘addresses” in the menu bar below the spreadsheet and scroll down to find the location you seek.

If you want to send me PACKAGES:
Make address labels exactly as shown for each location.
At the bottom left corner of every box write:

Hold for PCT Hiker: Melissa Park
ETA: (Estimated Date of Arrival: Write the date) 

Send packages approximately 2 weeks before each ETA. Please double check the zip code. ONLY use Priority Mail
First Class, Parcel Post, and Media Mail will get lost.
Don’t use delivery confirmation.
Let me know via voice mail 360-224-4830 that you sent a package and where you sent it so I know to look for it (and start fantasizing about what goodies you might have sent). Don’t send me anything I have to carry, unless it’s edible and I’d like it. 🙂

Link to the plan:

PCT Plan
Or type this long thing in your web browser:

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