Sometimes, as I explore the intricacies of the spiritual world in which I choose to live and the evolution of my thoughts on the topic of “The Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything” (which is 42), I get the urge to share.
Most of these are pretty lengthy. Get yourself nice and comfortable.
Welcome to the Bobcat’s over-analytic yet magical inner world.


July 5, 2014: Dear Summer Santa …
Leap of faith out of the money system. The beginning …

June 12, 2014: Sprouting people 
Second report on my experimental raw vegan diet, with a realization that vibrancy might have little to do with diet.

June 04, 2014: Raw, wild and learning 
First report on my experimental raw vegan diet, meant to raise my personal vibrational frequency.

Jan 02, 2014: “Hi, I’m the Bobcat. I’m here for the ice.”  
An applied lesson in manifestation – or how I found a climbing partner at last.

Jan 02, 2014: Trial by Ice and Loss of Freedom. 
A post about dreams, ice, loss of freedom and my need to be epic. The proverbial second shoe drop.

Dec 26, 2013: 27 reasons why I love my new home. 
First post in New Hampshire, a quick overview of all the goodness that was showered upon me on arrival.

Oct 28, 2013: The fortune teller – part II.
The next day, I somewhat come to my senses about the news of my imminent love connection and the possible end of my roaming ways. This is the internal process I followed to get there.

Oct 27, 2013: The fortune teller – part I.
My initial ungraceful reaction to the news that my roaming days might come to and end. With a description of my roaming life from a mental-emotional-spiritual perspective.

Aug 12, 2013: How many light-bulbs does it take to …
Written in Bend, OR. Notes I took in the woods regarding the relationship between soul and body, us and others, us and nature.

July 3, 2013: On walking on water and falling off bicycles.
Written in Livingston, MT. A long-winded mind meandering story on the concept of fear, mostly.

Feb 23, 2013: I love Quantum Physics in the morning
Written in Flagstaff, AZ. I woke up with an itch to scratch about the lack of consideration of timelessness in the world of quantum physics.

Jan 11, 2013: 1-11 – watch your thoughts
Written in Flagstaff, AZ. An exploration of how our thoughts create our reality, including a digression into how remnant energy from previous wishes might create situations that no longer match who we are, illustrated with the story of my encounter with Henry the Indian yogi whose dream of a yoga studio almost came true.

Oct 31, 2012: Flow: An interview with TheBobcat
Written in Bellingham, WA. An interview with myself about my plan to not manifest anything to see if this would produce the best reality ever. A little esoteric … My readership dropped by more than half after this story was published, but it’s still one of my favorites.

Apr 11th, 2012: Wisdom from the woods – A squirrel story
Written in Bellingham, WA. About the day I tried to pacify a squirrel with love and failed. There is two versions of this story, one with editorial comments, one without. I prefer the one without, which is the first one.

Jan 18th, 2012: Wisdom from the great white north
Written in Bellingham, WA. The defeat of the “Occupy Melissa” movement.

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