Namaste – noun

  1. a traditional Indian greeting or gesture of respect, made by bringing the palms together before the face or chest and bowing.
    These stories are small gifts from me to you, if you will have them.
    I don’t claim to have all or any answer and whatever brilliant insight I discover today might make me roll my eyes or giggle, or both tomorrow. But, for whatever it’s worth, here are bits of Bobcat wisdom, gleamed along her meandering ways.

Parting words to my yoga students at the end of each class.

Freedom, according to the Bobcat
A poem I wrote by the side of a mountain road in NH. I just had to stop to write it, or it would have been just another passing thought.

How did you get so happy?
Five steps to happiness, based on my experience.

If the world was more like the Playa.
A list of ten suggestions for a better world inspired by my week at Burning Man.

The Bobcat – A statement of purpose.
Guidelines I aspire to live by. Written on my 43rd birthday.

Ten lessons from the trail
Learned over the course of my 2,660 mile journey on the Pacific Crest Trail.

A love poem to no one in particular I wrote in the middle of the night.

An even better Namaste

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