Once, you’ve read everything on here, if you get bored, here are a few more sites you might find of interest.

Wild women living life on their own terms.
Raw, eloquent, poetic, amazing.

Wind and Waves – Freeing the spirit and riding the winds and waves of life. By Laura

Singing to the Blackbird – Off key, a little random, and a whole lot raw. By Dacia

Living Life and testing Limits – One step at a time. By Sarah Bloodbank

Michelle Bloom – Clairvoyant healer. Author. Artist. By Michelle

For your eyes only.
From experts wanderers

Photo gallery by Weathercarrot – by Weathercarrot

Wandering the Wild – by Shutterbug and Northstar 

Unconventional people with unconventional ideas.
Because we all benefit from being shaken a little bit now and then

Radical Curiosity  by Christopher Loren, author of Unspirituality – Permission to be Human.

Unconventional Life – Exploring alternative life paths, by Russell Mease


Wandering – Photo by Weathercarrot

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