India 2012 Stories

Mar 23rd: Photographic progression

One photo of myself a week for 5 weeks.

Mar 17th: Left over stories

The true quirky fable of two brothers who own one restaurant.

Mar 16th: And the award for worst night ever goes to …

3 stories of really horrible nights I have had, including getting sick in the Himalayas, lost in the Sahara and the worst airport in the world.

Mar 4th: Sat Chit Ananda

One of my favorite stories, about how I rebelled against the yogic path of enlightment because it doesn’t involve roast chicken.

Feb 25th: Rishikesh

A description of this most incredible of towns and its people, from gurus to beggars.

Feb 16th: What silence hours?

My experience of living in Rishikesh, including crashing an Indian wedding.

Feb 11th: Day two – A monk’s blessing is permanent.

First impressions of a town where encounters with monks and schizophrenic are the norm.

Feb 10th: Day one – Suspension of many kinds.

This is the story of how my spectacular arrival in Rishikesh.  Indiana Jones would be proud.


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