Cuba 2016 Stories

In January 2016, I met a man on a hiking trail. “Do you want to go to Cuba with me?” he asked. 3 days later, Miles and I flew to Havana on one-way-tickets. We had planned 8 days, we stayed one month, visited just a little bit of the island, and returned to the US by boat.
We left with promises to return for the rest in February 2017.
But, for now … these are stories I wrote about this surprise adventure:

(In blue – our meanders)

Start here:
Overview – As told to my Dad the day we landed back in the US.
Intro – Why I didn’t write about Cuba sooner.

Cubanos y Cubanas:
Cubanos de la Habana – 3 men to represent our experience in Havana – Lester, Gorge and Milton.
Blanca, la Revolucionista – An extraordinary encounter with a woman who had fought by Che’s side during the revolution.
La Casa Particular de Lilly – Our stay in Trinidad, in the house of this fierce business woman.
[3 next stories in progress …]
Daneel y Daneel – How we met a Cuban entrepreneur and his ever-smiling son, and crossed sugar cane plantations with them to go rock climbing.
James – A collage of men we met at Marina Hemingway, and their very very young girlfriends.
Hugo – A man who lives in a house covered in shells, and loves Cuba more than Fidel Castro himself.

The story of our adventures with photos (albums also on Facebook)
Part 1 – Cuba!
Part 2 – Cuba – Hemingway Marina