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Praise for Crazy Free – Some Amazon reviews

5 STARS –  This book will not be easy to put down
By Evan J. Larsell
“Many of us dream of giving up comfort and security for absolute freedom but lack the courage or confidence to really give it a go. If your mind ever goes there, this book will strike you to the core. If not, it might just take you there. The author is either imaginatively delusional, or has figured out the secret to the universe and living life to its fullest, but in the end it really doesn’t matter because it’s all about the journey, and hers is remarkable. Her ability to share her story and inner dialogue will both validate and confuse the reader who is searching for a higher self, while demanding proof of its existence. Melissa has her finger on the pulse of the richness and potential of human experience as well as the internal struggle we all face. Whether you’re a spiritual idealist or a pragmatic materialist there is something for everyone to relate to in this story, and certainly something to be inspired by. This book will not be easy to put down. Jump down the rabbit hole. See where it takes you!”

4 STARS –  The writing was superbly excellent and I could not put it down
By Guspuppy
“I have no idea how to truly review this book. The writing was superbly excellent and I could not put it down. At the same time I was left scratching my head a LOT about her ideas about things. But the hiking community says HYOH (hike your own hike) and I say more power to Melissa for LHOL (living her own life)!”

5 STARS –  Crazy Free is a gem!
By Dave McNH
“Crazy Free is a gem! Really enjoyed the journey that Melissa took me on. Her descriptions were so wonderful and poetic that I felt like I was right there with her as she traveled from one adventure to the next. Ms. Wyld has a knack for storytelling. Her style is elegant and effortless. The story flowed as it wove through time, intermixing her present time with flashbacks to achieve a wonderful rhythm. It was as if I was listening to a friend tell me a story while sitting around a campfire.
Along with the impressive adventures that she shares, Melissa also sprinkles throughout the book little nuggets of wisdom that she realized on her journey. I encourage everyone to read this in order to open up our minds to the possibility that we were not put on this earth to work and then die. She is an inspiration and hopefully more of us can find a way to be Crazy Free and enjoy our time on this rock floating through space!”

5 STARS –  Highly Recommended to All Travelers
By Amazon Customer
“Everything happens for a reason.
I couldn’t have read this book at a more serendipitous time in my life. I was incredibly inspired by Melissa’s story; so much so that it empowered me to take my own leap of faith. It’s no small task to exchange security for the freedom to follow your heart. And it’s an even larger task to trust in the process: to embrace rather than fear the great unknown.
Melissa’s story will inspire anyone who has ever wondered “can I do what I really want to do?”
Her story is one affirmation after another that The Rabbit Hole is a very real place inhabited by fellow travelers where miracles occur. The magic is all around us — it’s a world within our own but it can only be accessed by first letting go.
Thank you, Bobcat.”

5 STARS –  Inspiring!
By Shelby
“I loved this book. It is so well written and entertaining I found I was reading it too fast so I started it over to not miss anything. Bought a copy for a friend and she loved it too. This isn’t just an adventure, it’s an exploration of a different way of thinking/ living. Best book of the year!”

5 STARS –  I live vicariously through Melissa’s “Crazy Free” adventures … this book will amaze and intrigue you. 
By Moana DuBois-Walker
“Crazy Free was one of the most interesting and intriguing reads of my life. Melissa Wyld has a way of drawing the reader into her world and engaging them as if they were there…in that moment, in her thoughts, in her universe. Her book “Crazy Free” inspired me to take more risks and spend more time outdoors with nature. Melissa’s writing style is intelligent and colorfully descriptive. I really enjoyed this read and it’s something everyone should have in their library.”

5 STARS –  The Bobcats heartsong
By Amazon Customer
“A testament to human potential. A winding journey through the mountains and deserts of the heart. This little bit of literary sunshine brings hope to the weary and reminds us we’re all human. Though our paths may vary they all lead home.”

5 STARS –  This book will affect your brain and expand your awareness … highly addictive.
By Christopher Loren
“Crazy Free is funny, enlightening, thought- provoking and quite addicting, which makes it hard to stop at any one page. The way Melissa colors her adventures with rich descriptions brought me into a world where I had to remind myself I was reading a book.
Crazy Free is a sort of Eat Pray Love with dirt under the fingernails, an Into the Wild type of story where, thankfully, the heroine returns safe and sound from the wilderness, having learned, grown and transformed.
With child-like curiosity, Melissa explores intriguing areas of human spirituality, making ‘hard to reach’ realities seem normal, yet never loses sight of the epic vistas that surround her.
I see this book becoming a highly addictive read for anyone who dares enter the world of The Bobcat. It will affect your brain and expand your awareness to some very interesting topics and epic vistas…… might even catch a radical curiosity bug.”

5 STARS –  What a crazy wild read!!
By Adriana Zele
“Wow! What a crazy wild read!!! For two days I couldn’t put this book down. The more I disagreed with the writer’s philosophy of life, the more I wanted to know what she would do next.”

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Praise for Crazy Free – Via private messaging (Contact the Author)

“I just finished your book!
I can’t even begin to tell you how many chords it struck with me, mostly along the lines of serendipity and just trusting the universe in general.  I so did not expect to start reading a book about spiritual journey, and it ended up being my favorite aspect.  I grew up around spiritualism and ‘magic’, so I have a soft spot for it.
Odd twists and turns in life brought me to being trapped somewhere, and of course it’s winter in Washington which makes things extra gloomy.  The next random turn in my life was clicking on a wrong link somewhere online and finding about the PCT, at which point there was no internal debate or argument, I just had to do it, and there it was.  I didn’t know that I’d start deconstructing my old life as my dedication to the idea grew.  A couple months ago I started to feel that it’s just a first step on a long path going who knows where.  Without rambling on too long, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story.  It’s helping me get through this transition in my life and seeing this point of being ‘stuck’ as an opportunity to see where it’s going to lead.  Your book came at the best possible time.
Happy hiking! – Chris”

“Hi dear Bobcat! 🙂
My name is Sol, I’m a girl from Argentina. I’m writing to you because I wanted to tell you the following: I’ve finished your book last night and I’ve LOVED it with all my heart and soul. I’ve cried when it was finished. Now I don’t feel like reading anything else and I miss your book SO MUCH that today I’m going to start reading it again.
Thank you dear Bobcat for writing a book so beautiful. Thank you. Really. And you have no idea how much I will be waiting for your next book :)”

The timing of reading Crazy Free could not have been better!
PDX has seen torrential rain since December 1st
About two weeks ago I found your book and with the dark sky looming outside I decided to build a fire
Such joy to be with your book for two days with the tea kettle whistling and fire crackling
Thank you for the journey! – Gib”

“Hi Melissa or rather The Bobcat! You don’t know me but I’m a reader of Crazy Free and a huge fan. My name is Maria and I just finished the book so I wanted to pass on my praise. I feel that I am also on an epic spiritual journey, to quote your book, and it’s amazing.”

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“I’m on page 71…can’t put your book down…loving it… Your writing is absolutely heart felt, open and beautiful”
[later] “Your writing is so profound…I just love it and recommend your book every chance I get. I’m on page 299 now…I feel your joys and energy through your physical book and glad your thumbprint is on it!!”
[still later] “On pg 354… Such a great read… Only 13 pgs left… Don’t want it to end.”
[and finally] “I finished your book and it was amazing…loved every word, every story; the way you describe each event made me feel like I was there.”
~ Moana (via private Facebook message)

“I LOVE YOUR BOOK!! I keep re-reading the section on the energy of how one sees their own reflection in the person they are looking at. Your book is helping guide me in my own spiritual journey. It was meant to be ; )”
~ Ashley (via private Facebook message)

“You are an original, expressive, and provocative writer, honest, vulnerable, wide open, intellectually curious, with a huge spiritual hunger and a courage to seek it out of life :)”
~ C.M. Evans (via text)

“Page 3 and I’m already hooked. Your prologue is beautiful and tears come freely. So much love to you, Wyld one!”
[later] “Thank you so much for sharing your journey! It’s beautiful. Got to chapter 4. Wish I didn’t have to go back to work! Xoxo”
[still later] “I didn’t want to finish your book! It replaced my morning sutra reading 🙂working on the next one yet? ;)”
~ Nichole (via text)

“Page 13, I love the style and direction of this story already. I already have a friend needing to read page 7. This will be a reference manual for me and others.”
~ Peter (via text)

“I just wanted to tell you I love you! You just made me cry a little (just little happy tears), and I’m sitting on the only grassy area at the Surly Brewery reading your book (with photo of page 116)”
~ Ethan (via text)

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