Crazy Free – Note to the Reader

Crazy Free is an account of events that actually took place in what I perceive to be real life. It is, however, like all personal stories, highly biased by way of having each experience sieved and colored through my unique individual perception of the world, which is an ephemeral moving target at best. Although I have strived to produce a raw and honest story, as you will learn, I am plagued by and blessed with an internal over-zealous Storyteller.
For the sake of keeping it honest, I have included real-time material such as letters, emails and written conversations with the Universe, God, my Higher Self and various other corporeal and incorporeal entities. These pieces were never intended for public consumption and can at times be stylistically awkward or unpolished. In spite of the potential break in the narrative, I chose to include them with little to no editing to illustrate the tone of my life at each stage of the journey undistorted by the perspective of hindsight goggles.
Some of the names of protagonists and organizations in my story have been changed to respect their privacy. Please remember as you read of these encounters that every story has two sides at least and that I can only speak from my own perspective.
I am grateful to all the teachers who have appeared on my path. This book could not exist without them.