Book #2 – Let the adventure begin!

The story starts in Alabama. A collision of worldviews between a woman living in her truck and a southern gentleman construction worker who has never seen anything like it. Book #2 picks up where Crazy Free left off. I have no title for it yet. And I don’t know how it ends, because I haven’t lived its end yet. I know it goes to Grand Canyon, Cuba, Alaska and will challenge me to learn and practice good character development as many quirky companions join my journey. But, beyond that … I have lots of room to breathe.

I’m in a library in Paonia, Colorado. The skeleton for the book is ready. How I got to Paonia – and why I’m still here – will likely be the next blog post. But today book writing is happening, so it’ll have to wait.

Yay! Writing! 🙂

“Most really good fiction is compelled into being. It comes from a kind of uncalculated innocence. You need not have your ending in mind before you commence. Indeed, you need not be certain of exactly what’s going to transpire on page 2. If you know the whole story in advance, your novel is probably dead before you begin it. Give it some room to breathe, to change direction, to surprise you. Writing a novel is not so much a project as a journey, a voyage, an adventure. ~ Tom Robbins”




Crazy Free – 2 year and 100 reviews celebration!

I love synchronicities. Here is one: Two years ago, on November 19th, 2014, I wrote the last line of Crazy Free, right here, in North Conway. November 19th, 2016, the 100th comment was posted about Crazy Free on Amazon. Another glorious 5 star review. Thank you readers. I love you!

Nov 19th, 2014, 6:17 pm
I am right now only one sentence away from finishing the first draft of my book, and I am not writing it.
The last few paragraphs I have written describe how I slept 4 miles before Manning Park because I wasn’t ready to be done with the PCT. The last sentence I haven’t written yet is the part when I actually finish the PCT.
At least, I’m consistent. So, I’m off to eat dinner, call some friends and take a bath. 

Nov 19th, 2014, 9:51 pm
The last sentence is a run-on sentence, and I like it this way.
Draft 1 is done.

Nov 19th, 2016, from review page
5 stars – I absolutely loved Crazy Free
by Glen on 
November 19, 2016
Verified Purchase
I absolutely loved Crazy Free. So many of us talk about following our hearts but do we really? She risked living in misery in order to find absolutely happiness and because of that we are able to read her story and, hopefully, gain some kind of inspiration. I originally bought this book because it related to hiking the PCT but came away with so much more.