Other 2012 stories

These are stories I wrote in between other adventures

Nov 26th The story of the amazing returning cat.

All you ever wanted to know about Smaug, my ex-cat. Story written in Minneapolis just before I left for Colorado.

Oct 31st: Flow: An interview with TheBobcat

One of my favorites. An interview with myself about my plan to not manifest anything to see if this would produce the best reality ever. A little esoteric … My readership dropped by more than half after this story was published, but it’s still one of my favorites.

Apr 9th: Interlude

A poem I wrote in the middle of the night

Apr 11th: Wisdom from the woods – A squirrel story

About the day I tried to pacify a squirrel with love and failed. There is two versions of this story, one with editorial comments, one without. I prefer the one without, which is the first one.

Mar 25th: Anniversary of not dying – story I wrote last year

This is a repost of a story I wrote in 2011 when I fell through the ice of the Mississippi River.

Feb 6th: Beautiful Bellingham bay

A photo of the bay at sunrise.

Feb 6th: Penultimate post before the wild Indian adventures

Idle thoughts I wrote down while I was stir crazy waiting to get on with the adventures.

Feb 3rd: Posting via email

Just a test.

Feb 1st: It looks like someone is going somewhere …

A photo of all my PCT maps.

Jan 31st: Turbans as helmets!

This story discusses an article I read about Indians wearing turbans as helmet. it also describes how I punctured 12 holes in my brand new inflatable PCT sleeping pad and tell of a fantastic but worthless skill I acquired.

Jan 18th: Wisdom from the great white north

The defeat of the “Occupy Melissa” movement.

Jan 17th: Hello World,

My first post, not much substance, but great excitement.

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