About the Roaming Bobcat

The Bobcat - A statement of purpose - To follow my heart blindly in all decisions, and in all aspects of my life impervious to judgments, internal or external To approach all experiences with faith, trust and levity and always remember that I am here to play To hold a vision of the life and world pulling me forward with anticipatory gratitude and keep that vision as my compass for the next steps

Episode 18 – Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Here it is. The Grand Finale. Sensual sand dunes and personal love stories about them. Also, sand dune rolling, fancy hiking skirt, nutella at the top, and a refreshing ending in Stovepipe Wells.

As of the time I publish this video, I am less than 18 hrs away from taking off on the next adventure … the Pacific Northwest Trail (Montana to the Olympic coast in Washington). More adventures to come!

For a while, I’ll be making these videos on my phone. I’m obviously not taking my laptop on the trail, I need room for bear spray, food and other life necessities… so I won’t be posting these “video link” stories. I will, however, still be posting them on Youtube. So, if you’ve enjoyed them, Now would be an excellent time to click on the YouTube Channel (Melissa Thebobcat Wyld) and SUBSCRIBE. Please and thank you 🙂

Thank you for watching, for sharing this journey with me.


Episode 17 – Rocks, Rocks & more Rocks

From the Westside Road to The Devil’s Cornfield. A long hot day with … have I mentioned the rocks? And COYOTES! And some thriller mystery, heat shimmers, late night delirium. Just another wonderful trail life day.

This one is type 2 fun – not all that fun when it happens, but really fun to talk (or make a video) about it later.

Episode 16 – The Badwater Basin

I just had to return and complete the dream. The dream of hiking across Badwater, not in a storm, not in the dark (See Episode 2). Miles of sun, salt, silence and perfect solitude.

Episode 15 – Orange Poppies Superbloom

Here’s the most beautiful episode yet. No people, just flowers (and the Catmobile).
I received a notice from YouTube that the musis I used is copyrighted. In the days to come, I might have to change it. But, until then … here is the original version, with the perfect music!

Happy flower viewing!

Episode 14 – The Tire Ordeal part 2

Part 2 of the tire ordeal. I’m not out of the woods (desert) yet!

Episode 13 – The Tire Ordeal part 1

If you’ve been watching, you’ll remember that in Episode 4, two lovely Canadians told me about some warm springs up canyon, about 11 miles off the West Side Rd … Right before getting on the third section of my Death Valley Hike, I decided to go soak in these warm springs for a few hours … That didn’t go so well for me.

This is a two part story. Here’s is part 1:

Episode 12 – Darwin Falls and the Chinese Gardens Oasis

Here’s a little bit of green and watery goodness. An interlude from the parched Death Valley beauty. It’s a short one today, but it’s the first time the go pro goes under water. Pretty special. I love that little camera so much!

Episode 11 – The Marble Canyon descent

A 22 mile descent through Marble Canyon, that should have taken a lot less time than it did. Gorgeous rocks today. Also giant caterpillars, water that disappears and a surprise ride.

Thank you for watching.
This is the end of section 2 – and I’m about to get myself adventured out. I didn’t know it was possible.

Loves! 🙂

Episode 10 – From the Racetrack to a cool old truck

The aftermath of almost quitting yesterday. Blisters, butt-chafing, bad attitude, Cottonwood mountains, pie, naps, crows, and one cool old truck. Not necessarily in this order.

A rough day, but there is so much beauty out there. I have no complaints.

Thank you for watching.
If you’d like, you could subscribe to the Youtube channel. Once on the trail, I might not have access to WordPress. But more movies there will be. I just received a harness for the GoPro … it just gets better 🙂

Episode 9 – Ubehebe to the Racetrack

Here we go … whackiest episode yet. Christmas caroling, alien abduction, holes in my socks, ode to my umbrella, and my butt kicked. Today is the day I quit. For real. The desert crazies have settled in.