AT – Care packages and Contact

Note before the note: I’m currently off-trail, taken down by a mystery belly ailment but in good hands at the hospital in Vermont. No need for packages. The hospital feeds me yummy dextrose and sodium chloride straight in. 


Hello Loves,

Several of you have asked where you might send packages of goodies to supplement and enliven my AT walk. I already feel spoiled beyond belief, but I have been in the other shoes, the shoes that send packages, so I know how fun it is. I will welcome your goodies with a dance of joy and a heap of gratitude. This page addresses the logistics …

What to send.
The space in my pack in limited, whereas the space in my stomach will shortly be vastly expanding, so snacks and food are your best bet. Anything wholesome, veggie-based, lightweight delicious and high calorie. I stay away from candies and processed food. Clean fuel burns best.

I have all the gear I need, and trust the trail will provide what I can’t yet foresee I will need. I’ll also take love notes, just for the pleasure of getting them, and then will recycle them. 

If you’d like to participate, but don’t know what to send you, check out the “Adopt-a-cat” button at the bottom of this page. I promise to keep the abundance flowing. Cash for stories. Cash for food. Cash for magic.

How much to send.
Most of my planned carries on the AT are 3-4 days. I like to come into town on empty, with the lightest pack possible, so anything more than 3-4 days worth will become trail magic to other hikers. I’ll love it forward.

How to send.
Regular post office package or envelop addressed to my legal name. I have not yet changed my name legally to Wyld, and it takes a special post master to believe I really am The Bobcat (thought it’s happened, more than once). For the sake of simplicity, write it like this:

Melissa Park “The Bobcat”

C/0 <place>


Please hold for SOBO AT hiker

ETA <estimated date of arrival.

When and where to send

Best is to ask me. I purposely hike with neither plan nor schedule.  I don’t follow my own spreadsheet, at all. But if I know something is coming, I’ll make sure to get it.  I’ve added the addresses for the next month below.

How to contact me.
Best are to either send me a text or email at or use this form here:

Contact me. It all goes to the same electronic device. I plan on having it off most of the time, but will check periodically.

Addresses for the next month (to Sept 7)

Melissa Park “The Bobcat”
C/0 General Delivery
Williamston, MA 01267
ETA – 8/25 ish

C/0 General Delivery
Great Barrington, MA 01230
ETA – 9/3 ish

C/0 General Delivery
 Pawlong, NY 12564
ETA – 9/7 ish (my bday!)

Adopt a Cat

For $ gifts, click right here:

A thousand Thank Yous for anything and nothing alike. Thank you for being in my life! XOXPath to happiness