The little keyboard that could.

Did you know that they make portable, ultralight, foldable keyboard blue-toothable to your phone?

Well, now you do. This is a test. A big adventure is underfoot. There will be photos, with a new camera, and there will be real time stories, typed at normal speed rather than laboriously swiped on my phone.

Oh, the possibilities …

So, stay tuned. Watch this space.

And while you wait, here is a tree.

7 thoughts on “The little keyboard that could.

  1. Bobcat, So good to hear thst you’re going on another adventure ( as if your life isant already an adventure) .
    I am currently in Mendoza, Argentina.
    Thorny is wandering.
    Be well my friend. I look forward to seeing you some day and trading stories again.


    • I think our eventual colliding again is inevitable, my adventurous friend. And I look forward to it! I’ve been following your adventures on Facebook though, because I can’t wait that long to hear about it all. 😊💙


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