A Trump table to gage your dominant vibration. 

(Based on David Hawkins’ map of consciousness and a compilation of actual comments/sentiments on my Facebook feed today – I enjoy diversity in my friendships)

Shame – 20 Mhz

How embarrassing.  The whole world is making fun of us/disappointed in us.  We are such a country of idiots. 

Guilt – 30 Mhz

Well, we had it coming. We should have done a better job during the campain. I can’t believe we let this happen. We suck, and now we’re going to pay for it dearly. 

Apathy – 50 Mhz

I’m gonna get off Facebook for a while.  My feed is bringing me down. He’s in office now,  so get over it. It’s not like we can change what has been done. 

Grief – 75 Mhz

Our country is ruined. There is no hope.  All the progress of the last administration is being repelled or canceled. I miss Obama sooooo much. 

Fear – 100 Mhz

We are doomed!!!! We’re going to lose all women’s rights,  all environmental protection, and soon, skin heads will be in charge. We’re heading straight to WW3!

Desire – 125 Mhz

The dow is the highest it’s been in 20 years.  Laws are going to make it easy to get permits without so many environmental hoops to jump through. The Great Capitalist America is back at last!

Anger – 150 Mhz

What the fuck!? This despicable man must be stopped. Empeach the orange menace! He has no morals, class or integrity. #notmypresident

Pride – 175 Mhz

Oh God! The US is really full of morons. I’m so glad my circle of friends is more open-minded and progressive than those other states. 

Courage – 200 Mhz

Okay. We can do this. Let’s march peacefully for what we believe. Let’s have fliers and sign petitions. Let’s use social media to mobilize into action. We can still recover from this, but we must act.  

Neutrality  – 250 Mhz

I don’t know why this happened,  but I trust in a benevolent universe. Maybe, sometimes,  cycles are necessary. Maybe sometimes we must take a step back before we can take two steps forward.  

Willingness – 310 Mhz

What a perfect opportunity to unveil hidden bigotry and misogyny. With everything now in plain view,  we can renew our commitment to each other and keep focusing on creating a better world. 

Acceptance – 350 Mhz

I trust in the natural evolution of all systems,  great or small,  individual or communal. The current circumstances are nothing but the next necessary step in our evolution. 

Reason – 400 Mhz

This malaise could not have grown in a healthy situation.  Let’s  find the underlying causes and find efficient solutions to problems of unemployment, inflation, etc that led to these election results.  

Love – 50 Mhz

I can see all perspectives and feel for all parties involved. Such compassion for my fellow Americans struggling to make a living and wishing for change. So much compassion for those who fear for their rights or safety right now. But solutions will not be found in division. Only when we set aside our differences will we rise above the level at which problems were created.  

Peace – 600 Mhz

So much gratitude for these current circumstances as they allow us to identify and subsequently release our collective shadows. We are on the fastest path to transcending the old ways into a new era of increased light and love. Let’s keep our vibration high, and we can switch swiftly and painlessly, together. Aho. And so it is. 

Enlightenment – 700-1000 Mhz

[Silence. Photo of beautiful natural landscapes]

(No, I don’t claim to be enlightened.  In fact, I have hit most of these levels at one point or another.  I still choose to only post pretty landscapes. In case it helps …)


4 thoughts on “A Trump table to gage your dominant vibration. 

  1. Wow Bobcat .. I like your post! Very creative! Good ole David .. love his books. I’ve seen in speak a number of times .. total wild man 🙂


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