AT Resupply plan

I almost never follow plans (Moon in Sagittarius), and usually prefer to just wing it (Ascendant in Aries), but still loooooooooove making spreadsheets and creating complex formulas for all the columns, then fiddle with them until I’m crossed eyed (Sun in Virgo).
Here is the latest:

In red are planned visits and post office visits, in green are planned resupplies.
Spreadsheet HIGHLY subject to change!
If you’d like to send some magic via snail-mail to one of my stops in red,
email me at and I’ll give you the next address.
I keep my blog “behind” on purpose – Bobcats don’t like to be tracked.

Open the full spreadsheet here


The Bobcat

2 thoughts on “AT Resupply plan

  1. OK, à propos du “AT tablecorner” ou du “spreadsheet”, je n’ai pas une parfaite compréhension de la langue anglaise mais…
    Il me semble que “2012” est déja passé !…
    bisoussss – MonPapa


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