Cuba – As told to Dad

[I disappeared – This is where I have been for the past two months.]


Hi Monpapa!

Did you get my postcard from Cuba? I just got the Florida … Back safe on land, and in the US.

For New Year I wished for “surprises” – well, I sure was served 🙂

I met some friends in California for a New year’s hike on the San Diego trans-county trail (160 miles). There, I met a handsome Viking-looking man with a proper sense of adventure. I followed him to Cuba, with one way tickets. We got to see half the island, ate like the locals, stayed with the locals, cigars, rum, salsa dancing, … We even went rock-climbing one day. But still, we ran out of money after 8 days. Cuba is pricey for visitors. They have two different moneys and different prices for tourists. Not to worry, we headed to the Hemingway marina (where Hemingway used to fish) in Havana, to look for a passage on a boat back to the us. Us bank cards don’t work in Cuba. We found a trimaran with an old salty grumpy captain willing to take us back – Americans can’t go to Cuba, so most captains didn’t want us on board – but storm after storm kept us in the marina for another 2 weeks. We were running on less than $3 a day per person that last part. We did good though, with money and each other, especially considering we didn’t know each other when we left. The sea passage was rough. 20 foot seas. I vomited the first 12 hours, slept the following 24. Miles (the Viking – trail name Knight Shift) did awesome. I was thinking of you the whole time. You would have loved it – open seas, dolphins and strong winds on 3 sails. Yesterday we cleaned the boat as a thank you to the captain. I’ve got $6 left to my name, but Miles said he’s got me covered truck to truck. Next we’re Hitchhiking to New Orleans for some blues and then to San Diego, where my truck awaits.

It’s hard to type on my phone so I leave you here. How’s life over there? What sort of shenanigans are you and the nephew up to? 🙂

Xoxo – Roaming Bobcat

[next … Florida to San Diego]

3 thoughts on “Cuba – As told to Dad

  1. Thanks for this! Jeremy (The Viking AKA Knight Shift) is one of my cousins. I’ve been looking forward to hearing about his Cuba adventure!


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