Well … that was weird …

Right after I wrote the last post (Trial by Ice and Loss of Freedom), I had to get to town to teach a yoga class. The snow was (and still is) falling thick. Less than half a mile down from our house was a man who had driven his SUV into the snow bank and was stuck there. He asked if I could help. We hooked my truck to his SUV and I tried pulling him out as he tried driving out. But, for all my truck’s might, the road was too slick to get enough grip to pull. I told him I’d have to get my chains on to get him out, but that I’d be late for work. He said that he had a friend he could call, and thanked me for my help.

Did you guess yet what was weird? Yep. That was a green Bronco. 🙂

Small epic. Check.

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