27 reasons why I love my new home.

Recent Facebook status:
“Reason why I love my new home #27: There was so much ice on our road up to the house that i hitchhiked into work. It took two rides to get there, with very nice people, and I was only 5 minutes late. I love weekday adventures!”

Answer from my friend Russ:
“I missed the first 26. Can you repeat?  ;-)” 

I actually had picked a random number for my status, but alright, it’s on:

# 26 – Sometimes it’s minus-something outside, but I have a warm room that is all mine.


#25 – I get to be epic just getting out of the house.


#24 – Internet at home, and plenty of book writing happening. Much easier than when I was writing at libraries or friends’ houses.

#23 – Ridiculously cheap rent with quiet, respectful, fun, outdoorsy, awesome roommates. Couldn’t have dreamt it better.

#22 – Finding a yoga teaching job, not as a sub, but my OWN classes, on my first day in town.


#21 – Getting hired at Ragged Mountain, on my first day in town, without having to ever look at Craigslist.

#20 – Finding the pile of free sand and salt mix for residents behind the town hall and feeling like such a badass for being a local of a place that even requires sand and salt.


#19 – Really awesome piece of bark I found hiking in the woods yesterday that is going to become a lamp shade. Oh yeah!

#18 – The man that opened my new bank account said he’ll call me next time he goes ice fishing and give me a fish, and I believe him.

#17 – The lady at the local organic market is growing her Scobi to give me part of it, so that I can make my own kombucha. People are awesome.

#16 – I was invited to a cookie baking party by a beautiful tattoo artist. She postponed it because of the ice, but it’ll happen. She said she has ice-climbing friends I should meet.

#15 – The man at the grocery store who remembers me from last time and calls me “trouble.”

#14 – Snowshoeing right outside my door.


#13 – Ice climbing here, there, everywhere, and right around the corner.

#13 – Free skiing for Ragged Mountain employees.

#12 – I get paid to flirt with handsome ice climbers and help outfit people for their adventures.

#11 – The basement at Ragged Mountain is filled with material for make-your-own projects, fabric, sippers, buckles, patterns, everything I need. I found enough blue fleece in the dumpsters to make 3 jackets.

#10 – Simplification. I have exactly what I need, and nothing more. Just a few coffee shops, just a few theaters, just a few pubs, and everything else is woods, mountains and rivers. Perfect.


#9 – Public ice skating rink in town, under the stars.

#8 – Kayak and canoe rental places hint at all the fun I’m going to have this coming summer.

#7 – Absolute and complete silence in our house. No city noise, traffic noise, neighbor noise. Just woodsy silence, enhanced with the sound of fresh falling snow.


#6 – My PO BOX is in the country store, so I have to go past rows of freshly baked goods and roast chickens to get my mail.

#5 – I get to wear cool hats, scarves and my sorrels everyday.

#4 – Living with an artist. I LOVE the subtle art, rows of shells and rocks on the shelves and little plants growing in jars in the house.

#3 – Living with climbers. I LOVE having gear everywhere. Ropes and boots and crampons, oh my.

#2 – Two jobs, one small rent, no other expenses. I might actually get to pay of my credit card. Woah.

#1 – Living in New Hampshire is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. New scene, new trees, new people, new everything. That alone makes it worth it.


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