10 events that occurred since a hot air balloon landed on me in the desert and offered me a job.

These are in chronological order.

1. I successfully completed the undercover expedient mission to reunite my treasures.
I flew to Seattle, then picked up a Penske truck and emptied my Bellingham storage unit in less than two hours. I drove back to Flagstaff through one blizzard, two snow storms, some dense fog and a downpour. I had a flat tire, frozen windshield fluid and wipers, a bellyache from a Denny’s chicken sandwich, and some exciting “adrenaline” moments on the road. Three days later, I popped out in the red rocks and sunshine of Arizona and the world was once again the magical place it is.

2. I fell off the back of the Penske truck, hard, and thought I had broken my back. 
But I hadn’t. That night I stayed at my Sedona Angels’ (Adventure Mike and the Fabulous Julie) house. Mike “made me” sit in a Jacuzzi under the milky way and Julie rubbed Arnica over all the hurt parts. I woke up the next day as if nothing had ever happened. Yay for a strong body and caring friends.

3. I danced the night away on Whiskey Row in  the cowboy town of Prescott.
Among my dance partners were a 6’8″ adventurer wearing a bright orange shirt sporting the face of a geeky kid – the geeky kid on the shirt was taller than me -, a 25-year old birthday boy who enjoyed jumping around as much as I do, and an ER suicide rescue specialist with a dream of moving to a tropical island. I also befriended the drummer who introduced me to the band. By the time I left, I knew about a third of the people in the bar. That was the most social event I have partaken in since … since beyond what I can remember.

4. I met Chris.
I was eavesdropping on a conversation at a local cafe between an older gentleman who insisted he was an alien (like, from another planet) in a human body, and well-spoken Chris, who argued that the older gentleman was actually primate, the pinnacle of evolution. When I was done giggling at such a “Sedona moment”, I checked out the website advertised on the back of Chris’ laptop, www.unspirituality.com. I turned around and asked him if he made a living out of arguing with people about their spirituality. It was about 9 am then; we were still talking by 6 pm.

5. I had my final interview with Pink Jeep at the Grand Canyon.
It went splendidly. I enjoyed the interviewers’ questions. What do I need in a job to be happy? I need to be able to grow and learn, I need to use my body and mind, I need to be outside. What will my first evaluation say? It will say “best guide for 10-years running”. The quote was borrowed from Adventure Mike who was the “best guide for 10-years running” after 3 months working for Pink Jeep.

6. I woke up to a thick coat of snow over my beloved red rocks and cacti.
See for yourselves: Red, White and Gorgeous

7. I signed up for a canyoonering class.
I serendipitously sneaked into the last spot offered in a class that had been full for a while before anyone else noticed one had opened. I am on my way there in a few hours. The class takes place in a beautiful dry canyon outside of Cedar City, UT. I plan on stopping by the Vermilion Cliffs State Park on the way either there or back. That’s where “the wave” lives, the famous rock formation featured on the cover of most geology textbooks.

8. I showered.
Hey, don’t knock it. I still live in the back of my truck, so I appreciate when a friend invites me over for shower, laundry and dinner. I still prefer to sleep with the stars and coyotes, but civilization does have its perks.

9. I went to see a zombie love story movie, and loved it.
I have a feeling the “out of character” activities will continue as I fill my life with interesting new friends with vastly different lifestyles and hobbies than mine. I still dance and hula-hoop in the sun, hike red rocks and roam as Bobcats do, but now also enjoy activities that make me go “I’m doing what?’

10. I got a job. 
It’s a good thing Pink Jeep Tours was excited about me, because I have applied nowhere else. I start February 26th. The job comes with housing, medical, dental, WOFER (Wilderness First Responder) training, and oh yeah, and I get to cruise along the Grand Canyon for a living! Wooohooo.

Thanks for visiting. Be in touch!

XOXO – The Roaming Bobcat.

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