Okay, I have 15 minutes left … and Go!

I have passed the halfway point. That is the ‘miles’ halfway point; with the faster pace I am currently keeping, the halfway point is less than halfway in time spent on the trail. And still I am not out of California. Pretty close though.

I’ve hit that mental place in the trail they call “the Virginia Blues” on the Appalachian trail. Trail friends are quitting, other are just unmotivated. For me it takes on the form of a greater incentive to get home. I miss Bellingham. I miss Baker. And still there is no place I’d rather be than on the PCT. There are days when I don’t feel like walking, but I still do, and then I love it again. Whereas the trail was once the main focus of my adventure, it is now home, a backdrop against which my growth, exploration and experiences take place. Do you still “see” that coffee table as you walk through your living room? Sometimes you do, but most often, you walk by with other things on your mind. That’s what it’s like, except the coffee table is a wondrous piece of art that is different everyday.

Oh, and speaking of wondrous pieces of art. I am in the Cascades. Wooohooo! Yay! Volcanoes!!! I was so happy when I first caught sight of Lassen Peak. We could see it abotu 5 days before we got to it. I climbed a cinder cone, I stood in the sulphur of a geyser, visited boiling pools of mud and felt right at home. Lassen passed us on to Shasta, like a relay stick. Shasta now looms so large above the trail that it takes up most of the northern horizon. From here, there are volcanoes all the way, and that is a comforting thought.

Heading on home, 25-30 miles a day at a time.
I love my life.

I have much more to share, but my library time is almost up and I am off to go see a movie with Sidhartha and Weather Carrot.
Have I mentionned I love my life? 🙂

Happy Holy Day of Obligations to the woman I love most – you know who you are 🙂

XoXo – TheBobcat.

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