[To whom it may concern:]

That is all I ask

If I come unglued
Would you gather me up and contain me?
If I fly high
Would you be an open sky?
If I shine
Would you showcase me, without shielding me?
If I dwell in the shadows
Would you shine brightly, and illuminate me?
If I whisper
Would you still hear me?
If I roar
Would you roar with me
or gently lead me back to peace and silence
and always know which is appropriate?
If I laugh
Would you sing songs in praise of my laughter?
If I cry
Would you hold me in your arms and let the rivers flow?

Would you walk with me, in step, to common destinations?
Would you run with me, and clear obstacles with effortless bounds?
Would you fly with me, so high that all perspective is lost?
And hold my hand as we fall back down to earth with perfect accuracy?
Would you always set a net to catch me, and trust that I would do the same for you?

And when we find our way back to the ground safely,
Would you lay with me in the fresh spring grass under a cloudless sky
and tell me that you love me
without ever speaking a word?


[I write poems in the middle of the night. Instead of sleeping]

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