Photographic progression

Here is a little experiment I did while in India. Every Saturday afternoon, around 3 or 4 pm, I took two photos of myself. One from the front. One from the side. During the Yoga Teacher Training, Saturday was our day off, so that day was likely to capture me in a more natural state than on days when I woke up at 5:45 am to do breathing and meditation exercises.

1 – Taken the day I got to Rishikesh. It was still cold then.
2 – After a week of class. I had just spent the day in the market, acquiring an orange jacket and third eye decoration. it was a very good day.
3 – After two weeks of classes. I had just spent the day hiking to a temple on top of a mountain and was feeling pretty darn good and happy.
4 – After three weeks of classes. I had just spent the day skinny-dipping in amazing waterfalls, climbing mountains and riding on the back of a scooter. I was feeling even better than the week prior.
5 – Training is over. This one was taken by the sacred Ganga River with friends.
6 – After returning from the Himalayas where I lost half my weight to a pit toilet.

I think it’s funny that I am progressively more scantily clad, tanner, smiley-er and look more rested until that last one, where I look positively crazy. I didn’t even put the side one for the last week. It just scared me too much. The moral of the story is that it takes a while to look rested and only a few days to lose it all, so beware of belly-bacteria.

That’s all for now.
XO . Mel.

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